AltTabPy – lightweight and straightforward alternative to TabPy

Do you want to add some Python scripting to your Tableau visualization but struggle with How to Configure TabPy documentation? Take a look at AltTabPy –

What TabPy is – Python script execution engine you can connect Tableau in the same way as you do for TabPy. Its installation and startup are extremely straightforward and simple, more details here –

What TabPy is not – it does not support models (deployed functions), authentication, SSL, logging and other configuration and backward compatibility with older TabPy versions. Read here for more details on how AtlTabPy is different –

AltTabPy is not supported by Tableau and is an independent project which (partially) implements TabPy API v1. The project itself is located on GitHub –

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Oleksandr Golovatyi

Author: Oleksandr Golovatyi

Member of Tableau Advanced Analytics team and a contributor to TabPy and this blog.