Upcoming changes to the blog

Till now this blog was only posted by one person (me). And I decided to take a new opportunity for my career so starting March 8 2021 I am not an employee of Tableau (Salesforce).

What will happen to the blog, how it will be managed and updated is still to be figured out by the team I used to be part of.

Anyway ownership for the blog to be transitioned to another person and hopefully you can see new updated, tips, tricks and bits of hidden knowledge in the nearest future.

Thanks everyone!

Hello world!

Welcome to Tableau Sci-Fi blog! Let us introduce you to the beautiful world of extending Tableau with Data Science magic: tips, tricks, under the hood, useful resources, and technical details are on the menu.

Who we are? We are the Advanced Analytics team at Tableau, the team that works on enabling users with extending Tableau with connecting it to data science models. For example when you have code written in Python, R, MatLab in your calculated field in Tableau workbook – it is on us to make it work, to send the code to execute outside of Tableau product and bring results back on your viz.